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Dark Moon pt3~ Decision

         The axe blade cut through the the ogre's cheek with alarming ease. You roll into the landing, jumping to your feet as the ogre roars out, and turns it's attention on you. Body feeling numb you pivot out of the way as it slams it's hand down in on attempt to flatten you. Kid takes that moment to stab his sword through the ogre's hand, pinning it to the ground.     
            Kid's eyes meet yours, "Hurry!" He urges and you blink, rushing up the ogre's arm as it attempts to take its hand back. A green light in the middle of it's forehead catches your eyes just as you kick off it's arm to hack through its neck. 
            'No! Strike the forehead!' A voice orders you. Swiftly adjusting your grip, you hack at the green light, making green rays of light burst out, knocking you back. You lose your grip on the axe and your back hits the grou
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 96 16
Don't Break Pt5~ Act1 Part1

        It was that peaceful time of year when nature was painted in a gold and orange hue. It was this season that he enjoyed before the cruel chill of winter. When everything seemed warm for the remaining time. What made it even more beautiful, was the thought that he and his band of arch knights would return to their home.
        Lockheart peers back at his group, and feels a smirk drift onto his lips. He swiftly turns his gaze to the castle they approached, picking up the pace as she appears on the castle steps, coming to meet them with a bright and cheerful smile.
        “Your majesty, you shouldn’t leave the castle without your bodyguard.” He chides softly, unable to deny the smile on his lips.
         “But I missed all of you…” She offers a small pout before smiling as she looks over their faces. “Good, you all ret
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 70 18
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 7/?? (Killer x Reader)
You weren't going to do it.  No way.  Nu-uh.  Foooooooorget it!!!
Wrap, wrap.  Crinkle.
If anything, you were going to avoid it all together!!  It seemed to be the only way.
Tape.  Crinkle.  Fold.
Yes, definitely the only way.
Fold, fold.  Crinkle.  Tape.
You smoothed down the brown paper before you stuck on the last piece of tape, stretching the clear strip down over the corner like an expert gift wrapper.  Smiling, you picked up the wrapped item and nodded, deeming it a job well done.
No one would be able to tell this was Killer's shirt.  It looked unassuming and boring, just the way you wanted it.  You could walk down the hallway without anyone taking notice, they would just think you're carrying a plain old package; nobody would ask you why you had the man's shirt, where you'd gotten it, and what you needed it for.  You were already embarrassed enough that you
:iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 133 167
Misjudged pt9~ Zoro x Reader *Final*

     You were happy, truly happy for the first time in a long time. You smile happily watching Light and play Luffy play cheerfully. Zoro sneaks his hand into yours, and you look over as he leans on you a bit. "I love your smile..." He murmurs quietly. You blush and look away with a giggle. 
      "So you two finally together now?" Ace asks with a smirk.
      "Just be warned, ____'s like our sister, if you hurt her we'll come after you Zoro." Sabo rumbles with an intimidating smile. Zoro hugs you at that. 
      "I'll kick my own ass if I hurt her. She doesn't need anymore bullshit." He cuddles his cheek to yours. 
      "Isn't that the truth..." Another voice rumbles and you all freeze, looking over at Smoker. 
        "Smoker!" Light cheers running over to the man cheerfully. Smoker kneels down and puts a hand on Light's head. 
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 114 15
Your Blood pt4 ~ *Final

       You couldn’t sleep, you wanted to go see the vampire. You peer at your father who was fast asleep. You swallow and get out of bed swiftly going out the door. Kid had told you where he would be staying in case you ever wanted to visit, which you did. Something about being around him made you happy. And for you, happy wasn’t common.
         You smile to yourself he wasn’t at all what you were expecting, well except for the power. You could sense his power and honestly it excited you, and you felt safe. “You shouldn’t be wandering around alone.” He breathes in your ear and you instinctively elbow his stomach. He coughs and you gasp.
          “Sorry! Are you okay?” You gasp touching his shoulder. He chuckles holding his stomach.
         “I deserved that. I got you this time though.” He teases
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 94 15
Killer x Reader A Midnight Walk [AU]
Warning: some swearing at the start.
A story going on for five minutes. Five minutes filled with his words, his twisted story of only negative memories in his eyes. Five minutes filled with only criticism. “And in London, when I was sick the first evening, you never asked whether I was okay or not! You never handed me a bottle or glass of water. I sometimes even think you hate me!” His eyes were hard, cold and distant.
Your eyes squinted as you crossed your arms. You knew he was sick. Hell, how could someone miss his barfing from time to time? ‘I was supposed to give you your bottle of water when we were going to sleep? It was lying right next to you and you expect me to get up, climb out of my loft bed, walk several feet just to grab your bottle mere inches away from you and give it?’ With a sigh, you rolled your eyes at the thought. The young man in front of you was finally done and you uncrossed your arms again.
“Yes? You
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 28 24
My Valentine - Whitebeard Pirates x Reader
"Happy Valentine's Day!" Y/N walked through the streets of the island the Whitebeards had recently made port, smiling at all the couples holding hands around her. She could hear the boys arguing behind her, with the occasional chuckle or reprimand from the first mate - ever the "professional".
She stopped in front of a bakery, taking in the array of brightly colored cookies, cakes and dipped fruits. It had been a while since she'd had anything sweet, maybe she could squeeze a few extra beli out of Marco to buy one?
"Keep moving, we got stuff to buy!" Thatch grabbed her shoulders, making her yelp in surprise. "We need supplies and I'm sure you need some, uh, lady-"
"If you finish that sentence, I will end you for her." Izou calmly stepped in, prying the cook's fingers from the young girl's shoulders. "Come on dear, we'll stop by when we're done and if you have anything left, I promise we'll pick something up." the okama promised, smiling down.
"Oh no, it's fine." the girl smiled back, s
:iconprussianbabi:PrussianBabi 169 9
KidxMechanic!Reader(Modern!AU): Break Down Meet Up
    Oil from the lemon of a truck you were working on splashes onto your face. You grab a rag on a nearby creeper you pulled under with you, rubbing off most of the oil. Looking back at the offending pipe, you sigh, saying, “That’s gonna cost him another thousand or so.” You pull out from under the Ford F650. “Sir, you have problems bigger than needing an oil change.”
    “What the fuck do you mean?!”
    You sit up, looking at the raging redhead. “Your truck can hold oil like a sieve. If you would prefer not to get a daily oil change, I suggest you let me fix the problem.”
    “But I need it now! I was in the middle of heading over to a designer meeting when my truck stopped working.”
    “I’m sorry, but your truck won’t even go five miles without running out of oil. I’d suggest getting a taxi.”
:iconmunran:MunRan 175 12
Freaking Baby Days ~ Kid x Reader x Law *Oneshot*

      You were cornered by your roommate, teeth bared threateningly. "Back off Bonney. I mean it." You warn uneasily. 
      "You lost the bet, and I think this'll be good for you." She hums touching your sides. You cry out in protest as your body reverts back to a toddlers. You squirm in her grasp angrily. 
      "Wo of ese ays Onney!!" You growl, speech impaired. She giggles kissing your forehead. 
      "You're so cute when you're angry, come on let's get you dressed and then you can go to daycare while auntie throws a party!" She chimes. You struggle more at that. She did all of this for a party!? 
      "Ba oomae! Ba oomae!!" You cry out as she dresses you in a little pink outfit. 
      "I'm sorry but the last time I threw a party, you beat up my boyfriend and there's three people out the window. I can't let you get angry again...
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 300 37
I'll Be Home for Christmas - soldier!Sabo x Reader
Here is the link to the song if you guys want to listen to it before reading: [link]

“A dream is a wish your heart makes.”

-- Walt Disney

I'm dreaming tonight of a place I love
Even more than I usually do

The snow fell lightly from the sky on the night of Christmas Eve, covering the ground as it lands. You watched the snow fall from the your bedroom window, ignoring the Christmas party that was going on downstairs in the living room as you thought about a special someone, wishing for them to be there with you.
“(Name).” said a voice from behind. You turn to see a young male with raven hair and a small scar under his left eye.
“What’s up Luffy?” you asked, with a small smile.
“You’re being distant again.” You looked back out the window.
“Can you bl
:iconsupercutepuppy:SuperCutePuppy 35 5
Mihawk x Reader Night Walker pt6: Rescue
    You dodged another attack, feeling the breeze from the scissors as they snapped shut where your head and neck had just been. You were running out of energy, and time. If Mihawk didn't get here soon you would die no doubt about that. "Kishishishi! I like you girl, your fun!" The Shadow man cackled. Two attacks back to back caused you to lose your balance and fall on your butt. He cackled again as he approached you, scissors ready to deal the killing blow. To your surprise the scissors impaled the ground next to your feet, snapping closed. You found yourself automatically sighing in relief. Another bone chilling laugh left the Shadow man. "Feeling relieved dear? I'm not sure I would" he said picking up his scissors. You felt the color drain from your face as you watched your shadow leave your body. "W-what are you doing? G-give it back!" you shouted, but it came out in a squeak. He merely chuckled, then opened up his mouth and ate your shadow. "Oh shit" you muttered su
:iconbrittbratt1989:brittbratt1989 33 9
Kid X Reader Race
    You sat on a spare tire watching your favorite mechanic and best friend work on his latest project. The fiery red head was covered in grease and sweat from damn near head to toe. You didn't know how he did it since it was such a small car, but he always managed to cover himself completely in grime. He didn't have a t shirt or pair of jeans that wasn't stained beyond salvaging. His calloused hands were basically stained with the dark grease, at least around the fingernails. A smile came to your lips as you watched him work his mechanical magic. You really didn't care if he was sweaty and grimy, to you he was perfect and you wouldn't have him any other way. As a matter of fact you weren't totally sure you'd recognize him if he ever was grime free. You stared into space unaware of said red head giving you a strange look. "_____" Kid said trying to get your attention, to no avail. You finally came back from dream world when he threw a wrench at you. The wrench hit your boot a
:iconbrittbratt1989:brittbratt1989 122 23
Ice Prince Sabo x Reader AU
You hummed happily as you watched your  friend Sabo glide gracefully on the ice. He spun around and glided on one foot and did all sorts of stunts and tricks that you could only dream of doing. The title that he had earned at school, "Ice Prince," certainly suited him. A chill ran up your spine and you pulled your hat over your ears and tightened the scarf around your neck. You loved winter. Though the days were sometimes bleak and cold, with every winter came spring, and the world will become anew once again.
"You're looking great, Sabo!" You called out, still admiring his gracefulness. He grinned in response and did another pirouette, causing your jaw to drop in awe.
"Hey, (Name)." Koala greeted, sitting next to you with a pair of skates in her hand.
"Hi, Koala." You greeted back. "How are you?"
"A bit chilly, but still alright." She answered.
"Same," you agreed. "You getting on the ice?"
"No, these aren't for me." Koala stated as a matter of factly as she put the skates in your
:iconawkwardaxolotl:AwkwardAxolotl 53 11
The Multiverse Rescue  65 by AniiTaRuiz The Multiverse Rescue 65 :iconaniitaruiz:AniiTaRuiz 157 8 767 by sjui00 767 :iconsjui00:sjui00 102 4 ONJU - Lord Khierzeizi by GZ-studio ONJU - Lord Khierzeizi :icongz-studio:GZ-studio 952 55


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